Wrocław Dwarfs

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Wrocław Dwarfs

The most popular city game in Wrocław

Amazing Features

- Gps navigation.
- A simple interface to help introduce users to the game.
- Record of each dwarf
- Possibility of proposing any changes
- A ranking to give a competitive touch to the game.
- Positioning of each dwarf on the map

Get points

Discover Wroclaw looking for dwarfs, each one has an associated score so find them all to climb positions on the ranking. Do not count the same all of them, explore the city and try to find the best ones. Be careful, not all of them are easy to get.

Send us any kind of problem

We are updating the application each day, so feel free to tell us any problems by mail or leaving a comment in our comments section of the app store.

Help us to find more dwarfs

If there is a dwarf unregistered you can send us a report by app, also if you believe that a dwarf is not in the correct location send us the correct one. Moreover, we check each contribution of our users and update according to the proposals offered.

Why it's the best?


The on-screen information is easy to understand, it has been designed to all kind of users, children as adults, without needing of instructions.

Register of all the current and new dwarfs

We have a record of all the dwarfs in the city of Wroclaw, as well as other places. In addition, users can add new dwarfs that has not been registered and also new dwarfs recently added.



Rank Username Points
1 Łukasz Domański 540
2 Artur Szymański 538
3 Irena Janiszewska 489
4 Sebastian Jakubowski 472
5 dwlasic 470
6 Stasiu 512 399
7 Vitalii Onyshchuk 356
8 Jacek Kupidura 353
9 Лана Матросова 345
10 zdebo 342
11 Alveryn1 336
12 Adam Wilczyński 332
13 Jacek D 326
14 Michał Bała 314
15 phototrendy pl 314
16 Julia Rusztejko 314
17 Paulina Hajek 310
18 Ada Nowakowska 305
19 Łukasz Nowakowski 300
20 Kasia Ładońska 299

Asked questions

Can I get some extra information about dwarfs?

In addition to the location and the image to see the dwarf you will have access to his story and the meaning of it.

Is it possible to cheat?

You can't cheat because we dispose the location of each dwarf and if you try to cheating you will not recieve points.
Moreover, we constantly review each uploaded image and if you try to fool us with inappropriate images we will take legal action